People come to me for help to change.  You might want to lose weight, stop smoking, gain confidence, overcome depression and anxiety, deal with the past, eradicate that phobia, deal with another health issue…..to break your bindings and fly….

So I have two questions for you…

What do you really want to change?

Is ‘NOW’ the time to start?

Only by starting now can you really get the great changes you want, and only by wanting to change something can you picture the benefits and feel how good a change can be…healthier, slimmer, more confident, happier, calmer, more loving…you choose.

How does hypnotherapy help you make those changes?

Too many of us have built up emotional habits that are no longer useful and prevent us achieving what we want. Hypnotherapy helps you focus on your goals and understand your challenges. As a hypnotherapist I can guide you through more effective routes to those goals, and shrink those challenges to molehills.

We often enter a hypnotic trance whilst reading or driving. Hypnotherapy utilizes this state to bypass the conscious mind and harnesses the power of the unconscious. Hypnotherapy can release you from negativity and stress, and show you a sense of optimism, happiness and internal freedom – and make these changes long-lasting.

What is my next step?

A thirty minute free phone consultation on 07969733989. Contact me here or email me at info@helenbeaverhypnotherapyexeter.co.uk.

At the end of the consultation you’ll have everything you need to take the next step and start making changes for your new, improved life.

Looking forward to speaking to you!