Be The Sunshine On A Rainy Day!

The longest day has just passed and we are now in the height of ‘summer’ – although I use that term suncloudrainlightly. I know so many people who in their spare moments of the day chat with others about how rubbish the summer is. Sometimes it can seem like we are wishing our lives away just by hoping that the next day will be sunnier, brighter, warmer  better!

I’ve traveled to all sorts of different places around the world and the one thing that struck me, was that it really isn’t the weather that makes the difference to people’s lives or happiness. people are not always happier when the sun shines … or doesn’t! What makes a difference to the value of life is what we choose to focus on. We can choose to focus on all the days that it rains … or is cloudy … and wait for the days that are bright. Or, we can choose to value the rain for the watering of the garden and the juicy strawberries that will grow, enjoy the cloudy days so we can get things done that need to be done and then we can play tennis and eat strawberries when the sun does decide to come out an play!

And, if we can’t have the sun shine on us from above, then let the sun shine from within and brighten someone’s day with a smile … you never know, they may just smile back :-)

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